Why Following Your Passion Matters to Your Writing

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Imagine, Writing

Does it seem like a lot of people are talking about having passion, and doing what you love? Why is following your passion so important, and how does it impact your writing?

There are four reasons.

The first is to use your passion as the idea for your book. Writing about a familiar topic can make the process a little easier, especially if this is your first book.

You already know a great deal more than the average person about your passion, even if you don’t think so. You also have access to contacts and insider information others don’t that can be used to find and fill any gaps.

Following your passion allows you to develop perseverance and beat procrastination and writer’s block; two common author enemies. You’re more likely to overcome any challenges you face writing about a subject you love, seeing them as an inconvenience or annoyance rather than something to quit or give up over.

Raise Your Energy

The second reason is you automatically raise your energy vibration when you do something you love. People can feel the joy and happiness radiating from you, and want to be around that sort of energy.

The stronger your passion, the higher your vibration, and the more motivated you are to find new ways around any problems.

The secret behind success that makes one person succeed while others fail is this desire to keep moving forward through these obstacles.

The key though, and what gets in the way for a lot of people, is to make sure it’s something YOU are passionate about. Passion doesn’t work if it comes from:

  1. Something someone else wants you to do (like writing a book on a topic you don’t like)
  2. Something you think you should be doing (like following writing trends)
  3. Something you think will make you a lot of money (like writing a book in the hottest selling category)

Following your passion for reasons other than your own causes your energy vibration to lower, which repels people rather than attracts them.

If it comes from any of the above three reasons, you’ll feel obligated to write, your heart won’t be in it, and you won’t get the results you’re after. If you don’t quit or fail, you’ll grow to resent the book you’re writing.

The reader will also feel that you didn’t enjoy writing it, resulting in poor reviews and minimal sales at best.

How do you know when you’ve found your passion?

The third reason passion is necessary is that it feels good, allowing you to connect with your intuition and/or the Divine because you’re naturally in your flow.

There’s a few signs that indicate a passion.

Use your feelings and intuition as a guide. You’ll instantly know how something makes you feel if you tune in to your body when you’re doing it or think about doing it.

If you feel light, happy, or expansive, you like, possibly even relish the activity and won’t have to force yourself to do it. If you feel heavy, sick, or tight at the thought of doing something, it’s unlikely to be a passion. You’ll invariably need to motivate yourself to get it done.

Most things you enjoy doing aren’t going to be considered a passion.

I’ve studied the work of Anthony Robbins, Lynn Pierce, and Janet Bray Attwood and have found some key distinctions between the two.

The Passion List

To be considered a passion, it must meet ALL the things on this checklist. If not, it’s just a like or something for fun.

  1. You don’t have to force yourself to do. You wake up every day and want to get started.
  2. People ask you how to do it, or come to you for advice about it
  3. It’s something that comes easily and naturally to you. You might even wonder why everyone doesn’t do it.
  4. You lose track of time when you do your passion activity.
  5. If money were no object, this is how you would spend your time.
  6. It feels good to you, is good for others, and doesn’t harm the environment.
  7. People comment that you’re good at it.
  8. It’s something you would do for free (and maybe already are in the form of a hobby, favourite pastime etc.).
  9. You love to share your passion with other people & will happily teach them or converse about it.

The Passionate Expert

The fourth and final reason passion is essential is because it’s where your expert knowledge lies.

Consider this; is it hard or easy to learn something that you love to do?

It is easy, right? You enjoy what you’re doing, so learning is fun and mostly effortless. You also seem to magically attract the right people and opportunities to you as well.

Most people are looking for a specialist (an expert) to solve their problems. You can use your book to provide that specialist insight and information that’s unique to you. 

Cheers to your writing success!