There Is Meaning In The Ordinary

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Imagine, Mindset, Non-fiction, Writing

I’ve been listening to Brene Brown’s audiobook The Power of Vulnerability. In it, she talks about how, in today’s society, no one strives to be ordinary; we all want to be extraordinary. How does that affect us as authors? It might be why you haven’t written your book; because you think it isn’t life changing or important enough. Perhaps you believe there’s no value in your story or experience.

What if your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary?

Think about it. You’ve probably done something someone else has been struggling to do, e.g. survive a traumatic experience, break though a barrier, heal your body, etc. What if the last piece of the puzzle they’re missing to push through to the other side is a piece only you can provide? Would you deny them that knowledge because you think it’s ordinary? I don’t think you would.

You’re a product of your environment, which includes the people, books and resources you learn from. Your unique filtering system (RAS – reticular activated system) is based on your values and the person you are at that point in time. It takes the most relevant bits and pieces from everything and everyone around you and stores them in your subconscious, where change happens.

The RAS is always filtering for solutions to the problems you have. It does this one step at a time to keep you on track without overwhelming you. When you release your book into the world, you’ll never know who it will help or when. The fact you have the idea to write it means someone needs to hear that message the way only you can express it.

There’s intrinsic value in the wisdom, lessons, and experience you’ve gained from living life, no matter ordinary you might think it is. So don’t be extraordinary, just be yourself and you’ll make the difference you long for, but only if you finish your book.

Cheers to your writing success!