Is Writer’s Block Really a Thing?

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Fiction, Mindset, Non-fiction, Writing

This week in my writing group, I’ve been editing the chapter on getting started with your writing, ‘Writing Is Like Taking A Road Trip.’ One thing I talk about is writer’s block. Seth Godin would have you believe there’s no such thing. He wrote a blog post about it titled Talker’s Block. I find it to be a very masculine, one solution fixes all approach I disagree with.

It doesn’t matter whether writer’s block is real or perceived. It’s what you believe that counts. For me, writer’s block is something that happens when you’ve disconnected with your idea, story, or the reason you’re writing your book. You’ve made it about you rather than about your readers. I don’t believe writing poorly and publically will help with that.

Yes, writing publically will absolutely make you a better writer, any practice writing will, provided you can handle the feedback you’ll likely get from poor writing. It may also offer accountability if you’ve said you’ll publish something by a certain date, which may be the idea behind his statement.

Putting pressure on yourself to come up with an idea to finish your book may work for some people, but not everyone. This is especially true of creatives verses businesspeople. Many creatives go into overwhelm and shut down with additional pressure, which exacerbates the problem.

So what can you do instead? I have a few blog posts that might help:

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I also suggest briefly stopping writing to:

  1. Talk to people about your topic or do some research to reignite your passion.
  2. Look back over your reader avatar and ask yourself what information would help them.
  3. Explore why you’re writing this specific book. Do you enjoy the topic or is it something that’s on-trend you think will sell more books?
  4. Dream and let your mind wander about what’s possible when you finish this book.
  5. Have fun and connect to your creativity.

You might also edit as you write, which will take you out of your creative flow. If this could be you, I wrote a post about what to do here. I would love to know your views on writer’s block. Post them below.

Cheers to your writing success!