10 Things the Coronavirus is Teaching Me

by | Apr 4, 2020 | Inspire, Writing

It is an unprecedented time of change and unrest. Our lives have been turned upside down in just a few short weeks. No one knows for how long or what it will look like when we emerge on the other side. Feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic are rife.

This pandemic is bringing out the worst and best in everyone. People are showing their true colours by how they respond to a crisis.

It’s a huge learning curve for everyone as we’re forced to let go of control. Our Governments are making decisions daily that significantly impact our lives. We must learn to adapt and focus on what’s important to us.  

The coronavirus has helped me to see what I can and can’t live without. Here are a few things I’ve discovered on this short yet intense journey:

1. Friends and family keep you sane in this time of self-isolation by showing they care by reaching out to see if you’re ok.

2. No matter what situation you find yourself in, it’s never ok to abuse anyone else, especially someone trying to help you at your request. I get that you might be scared, angry, or frustrated, but talk to a professional. Don’t take it out on others.

3. I love being around people and miss that social connection but need increasingly more time to myself to recover, re-energize, and re-balance.

4. I’m lucky enough to still have a job and while I do, can do little things like get take-away from the some of businesses that are still open.

5. Writing is really important to me and something I would like to make a career out of. I need to find a way to learn the fundamental principles to build strong foundations on.

6. Working from home is better than I anticipated. Yes, I miss having my colleagues to bounce ideas off in person, but there are less distractions (expect for the constant interruptions of Skype for business). It is something I could do after all this over with a few tweaks to ensure I get that social interaction.

7. The air seems fresher and clearer on my morning walks. Not sure if that is actually the case, but that’s how it seems, possibly because nature is more predominant than people.

8. Music, books, and meditation audios are a God send.  They help me manage my energy and anxiety. I am so grateful to the people who created and shared them with the world. Thank you.

9. Change is nothing to be feared. The vast majority of us have proven to be more resourceful and resilient than we thought. We have found new ways to do the things that are important to us and make us happy.

10. The covid-19 pandemic is a great chance for writers and other interested people to study human nature first hand. We’ve seen world domination conspiracies and how arrogance, ignorance, and mismanagement can lead to mass fear and panic buying.  We’ve heard countless stories of kindness and compassion as people connect with each other to make sure their neighbours, friends, and family are ok and have what they need to get through this.  

I’m learning new things about myself and humanity every day. No matter how long this lasts my life is forever altered. I can never go back, and I’m not sure that I want to. The only way is forward.