Tired of The Same Old Information Being Recycled in Your Industry?

Looking for A Fresh New Approach to Your Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases, Personal or Business Bio, And Marketing Content?


I can help.

My name’s Leonie Hope. I specialise in connecting ideas together in unique and inspiring ways, and communicating them simply. Don’t believe me?

Here’s proof…

Check out the press release I wrote that appeared in the Tweed Border Mail published almost in it’s entirety…without paying a cent. In it, I linked hand analysis, the study of fingerprints to find your life purpose, with the Tweed Border Mail press releaseliquidation of some well-known Australian companies.

Not a topic you’d expect to be published in the business section of a newspaper without paying for placement is it? It’s possible… if you know how to communicate your topic in a unique way.

My goal is to help you to find a unique hook, something no one else is talking about in the same way to get your business the attention it deserves.

I want you to stand out from the crowd and shine.

I love writing about the following topics:

  • New age subjects
  • Spirituality
  • Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction
  • Alternative health and healing
  • Personal Development
  • Social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Online marketing
  • Writing and publishing
  • Book marketing
  • Setting and achieving goals

Here’s a few more of my credentials if you need them:

1. I’ve been a quoted professional on the ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS News networks in the US.

2. I wrote a seven-part series for Leaders in Heels about the seven things business owners must do to ensure success.

3. I’m also published author with 4 books on Amazon, 3 under my own name, and a 5th on the way.

Want more?

You also get a fun, informative, easy to read approach to your written content that gets noticed. Find out more about my style of writing here. 

If you think we might be a good fit, contact me for a quote.