The Secret Weapon to Creating a Better Life for You and Your Family

Feeling lost, unhappy, or unsure of your next step? What if you could know in advance the opportunities, challenges, trends, and influences in store for the year ahead or a specific date? The 2018 Numerology Guidebook explains what these are and how to use them to your advantage.

The goal of this book is to help you uncover your personal numbers so you can consciously use them to create the life you want, one day, month and year at a time. It will help you discover:

  • The day’s things are likely to flow smoothly or fall into place without much effort (Your Best Days).
  • A backup plan for when the numbers aren’t quite right (Supporting Days).
  • When to hold off on making important decisions and changes because the energies clashes (Days to Avoid).
  • 17 different ways to use the energy of each number to your advantage no matter what the day (Activating the Energy).
  • A powerful tool to help attract your goals and desires faster (Instant Manifestation Days).

No matter which personal year you start in, this book can help move you forward. Available in Kindle or paperback.

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